Once again we are reminding residents of the continual problem we have with graffiti appearing throughout Copperfield. For the year of 2022, the District has spent over $13,128.93 for removing and maintaining areas where it appears. Due to excessive and constant removal, some areas now need to be redone with our anti graffiti coating. This coating does not prevent paint from adhering but aids in its removal. The cost of this coating creates another added drain on your tax dollars.

If you see someone, hear of someone committing this crime, please contact the non-emergency number at the Sheriff’s office (713-221-6000).

According to state law regarding vandalism and intentionally painting on property:

  • Class “C” – misdemeanor if the pecuniary loss is less than $100.
  • Class “B” – $100 or more but less than $750.
  • Class “A” – $750. or more but less that $2,500.

Anything above this amount is considered a felony. The graffiti removed from the trails last week fell in the Class “A” category. The police are notified and/or a police report is filed with each incident.

Please remind everyone, if caught, there will be ramifications and fines. Your tax dollars could be put to better use than rectifying the willful acts of a few individuals. Thank you

“See something – Say something.”