Lately we have seen an increase in graffiti appearing along the trails. The photo above is just one example. It is your tax dollars that pay for the removal and manpower expenses each time someone defaces public property. This money could be put to better use providing new trails, maintaining current trails, bridges and the bayous. Thus far this year $5,514.84 has been spent on removal. In 2022, the total exceeded $13,000. This is an unnecessary expense paid for by you and your neighbors.

If you see someone, hear of someone committing this crime, please contact the non-emergency number at the Sheriff’s office (713-221-6000).

According to state law regarding vandalism and intentionally painting on property:

  • Class “C” – misdemeanor if the pecuniary loss is less than $100.
  • Class “B” – $100 or more but less than $750.
  • Class “A” – $750. or more but less that $2,500.

Anything above this amount is considered a felony. The graffiti removed from the trails last week fell in the Class “A” category. The police are notified and/or a police report is filed with each incident.

Please remind everyone, if caught, there will be ramifications and fines. Your tax dollars could be put to better use than rectifying the willful acts of a few individuals. Thank you

“See something – Say something.”

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Trail Closure

Walking trails between Pine Falls and Sunny Ridge will be closed due to ongoing construction. Harris County Flood Control District is currently performing repairs to the drainage ditch as part of its Addicks Watershed Repair Package 1. The section of trail highlighted on the map will be repaired where erosion and slope failures have occurred. Additional repairs also include storm outfall pipe replacements. The walking trail in this area will be closed off to the public while the work is being performed and will be reopened once repairs are completed. We apologize for the inconvenience during this time as these long awaited repairs are being made. Please contact H2O Consulting for any inquiries into this project at 281-861-6215.

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Scoop The Poop

Stop disease-causing bacteria in its tracks, by keeping our waterways clean. Do your part by cleaning up after your dogs! It is appalling to see the trails littered with dog poop. Soon it will start getting darker earlier. Your fellow trail users would appreciate a clean trail when they go walking or bike riding especially at dusk and early morning. Bags are provided to facilitate removal if you forgot to bring one with you.

At home:

  • Pick up every poop
  • Bag it
  • Put it in the trash
  • Repeat weekly

Away from home:

  • Always bring bags
  • Pick up every poop
  • Bag it
  • Put it in the trash

Veterinarians, garbage collectors and health professionals all agree that the trash is the safest way to dispose of your dog’s poop. Dog droppings left on grass wash into our storm drains, increasing the level of bacteria and making waterways unsafe for swimming and fishing.

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Tree Limbs and Debris in Bayou

Please do not throw tree limbs and other debris on the tops and sides of the bayou. Your tax payer dollars and that of your neighbors has to pay for their removal. This is money that can be used to maintain the trails and bayous. The limbs need to be cut in 3 or 4 foot lengths, bundled and placed at the curb on your regular trash days. Other yard debris needs to be bagged and placed at the curb also.

These simple things can make it more pleasurable for all the residents to enjoy our trails and the better use of your tax dollars.

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Bayou Blockage

Building an obstacle to block the flow of water in the bayous is illegal. Recently this dam/walkway was found near one of the bridges. It cost taxpayer dollars to have it dismantled. Please refrain from creating any impediment with any material anywhere that disrupts the continual course of the water.

If you observe anyone attempting to build such obstacle or one already in place, please contact authorities or H2O Consulting.

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Maintaining the Bayous

Residents: Harris County Flood Control has given WCID 145 the task of maintaining the bayous within our district. Please do not plant bushes, trees, gardens, etc. in this area. The mowers should not have to go around these obstacles. Any such plantings will be removed by the District.

Thank you for your cooperation.

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