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Scoop The Poop

Stop disease-causing bacteria in its tracks, by keeping our waterways clean. Do your part by cleaning up after your dogs! It is appalling to see the trails littered with dog poop. Soon it will start getting darker earlier. Your fellow trail users would appreciate a clean trail when they go walking or bike riding especially at dusk and early morning. Bags are provided to facilitate removal if you forgot to bring one with you.

At home:

  • Pick up every poop
  • Bag it
  • Put it in the trash
  • Repeat weekly

Away from home:

  • Always bring bags
  • Pick up every poop
  • Bag it
  • Put it in the trash

Veterinarians, garbage collectors and health professionals all agree that the trash is the safest way to dispose of your dog’s poop. Dog droppings left on grass wash into our storm drains, increasing the level of bacteria and making waterways unsafe for swimming and fishing.

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Tree Limbs and Debris in Bayou

Please do not throw tree limbs and other debris on the tops and sides of the bayou. Your tax payer dollars and that of your neighbors has to pay for their removal. This is money that can be used to maintain the trails and bayous. The limbs need to be cut in 3 or 4 foot lengths, bundled and placed at the curb on your regular trash days. Other yard debris needs to be bagged and placed at the curb also.

These simple things can make it more pleasurable for all the residents to enjoy our trails and the better use of your tax dollars.

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Sidewalk and Trail Repairs

We are pleased to announce the trail repairs behind the new construction of the Stonecreek facility (where the racquet club was previously) have been completed.

Also, Harris County has finished the sidewalk and trail repairs near Lowery Elementary.

We thank you for your patience and hope you will enjoy having the uninterrupted trail system again. With cooler weather soon, it will be the perfect time to explore our community and enjoy the outdoors!

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Stonecreek Project Update 6/14/2021

The Stonecreek project bordering the trail network may have disrupted the pattern you have been accustomed to walking/riding. We are working with our consultants to ensure they replace the panels to our standards and employ any safety measures for the overflow slab. We apologize for the inconvenience. The rainy weather has slowed down their progress but, hopefully, it will be completed soon.

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Updates- 4/26/2021

We are in the process of doing a major trimming of all the trees along the bayous to facilitate maintenance and grass cutting. It will take approximately a week to a week and a half depending on the weather. We apologize for any inconvenience this might cause.

The repairs to the trails have been completed. The contractors are presently working on filling in around the slabs and cleaning up any excess debris. We hope you are enjoying this beautiful weather while walking/riding on the trails throughout our neighborhood.

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We are in the process of repairing parts of the trail damaged by the desilting project, subsidence and general wear and tear. Parts of the trail will be blocked off where the repairs are taking place. Please be considerate and avoid the areas that are blocked off. Also, it is a definite safety issue. They will try and complete the project as quickly as possible. Your cooperation will be very much appreciated. We are very enthused to see how many residents are utilizing our trail system. Our goal is to maintain them to the upmost, to ensure your safety and enjoyment.

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Horsepen Creek Advisory

Construction activity currently is underway to de-silt and repair Horsepen Creek. Pedestrian trails in certain areas along Horsepen Creek will be closed in the coming weeks during construction. Residents will see construction fencing in the impacted area and are urged to respect all warning signs and avoid trails and sidewalks which are temporarily impacted as work crews move around the area.

For more information on this and other flood control efforts visit the Harris County Flood Control District website.

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Addicks Watershed De-Silt Program

Construction Advisory

As a part of the Harris County Flood Control District’s overall maintenance operations, the Flood Control District is undertaking multiple comprehensive projects to evaluate and, if necessary, de-silt channels for which the Flood Control District has property rights that drain directly to the Addicks reservoir. In addition, this program will evaluate repair impacts, and develop construction and maintenance plans, in coordination with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as appropriate. This Program is part of an ongoing effort to ensure the channels in the Addicks watershed are functioning at design capacity as they carry stormwater out of surrounding neighborhoods and into the federal reservoir.

Residents in the neighborhoods surrounding Langham Creek, South Mayde Creek, Bear Creek and Horsepen Creek, and its tributaries, will begin to see construction activity around these waterways which will include trucks and heavy machinery. Residents are urged to respect all warning signs, and avoid trails and sidewalks which may be temporarily impacted as work crews move around the area. Additionally, residents may see trucks on neighborhood streets which are necessary to haul debris and sediment from the creek beds. For further information please visit www.HCFCD.org/F53.

The Flood Control District works to reduce flooding across the region and is committed to keeping residents informed. If you have any questions, you can reach the Flood Control District at 346-286-4000, or email communications@hcfcd.hctx.net.

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